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Finding Solace When Everything Is Terrible

Lately, I've been getting into anime more.

Two shows I've really been enjoying are School-Live! and And Yet The Town Moves - on top of also getting back into Dragon Ball Super. School-Live! is one of the most ambitious things the anime industry has done since Madoka Magica, or even Neon Genesis Evangelion. There's a tangible, raw emotion behind it, as it feels like both a show made by people tired of being shackled by the production committee system, and a beautiful testament to the strength of friendship during hard times. While it's pitched as "moe with zombies," it's a lot more than that.

And Yet The Town Moves is also fantastic, as I discussed on the last episode of Rocketto Punchi. It's an absurdist comedy that makes me happy every time I watch it, and also makes my brain work a little more than your average anime comedy. It's dumb and smart in equal amounts, and I really appreciate that. Plus, if we're being honest, Hotori is adorable an…

Rocketto Punchi Episode 8 - And Yet The Gundam Moves

This week, Elias, Preston and Russell tackle the Death Note movie and chat a bit about the 2010 surrealist comedy anime, And Yet The Town Moves! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be subjected to one of the greatest tangents about Gundam you've probably ever heard!

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We're lonely.


Falling In Love With Shooters Again In Quake Champions

My first memory of first-person shooters, as a genre, goes back to 1998. We'd gotten a shiny new PlayStation so my mom could play MediEvil, a game that I'm half-convinced she could still speedrun with her eyes closed. It didn't take my dad long to find stuff he wanted to play on the thing, either. Well, that's not entirely true. It took cursing his way through Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, and Tenchu because they "didn't control right" before he stumbled onto first-person shooters. And while he did pick up Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and other games of the day, the one I first remember watching most was Quake II.

There was something about that game that still stands out in my mind today. Little five year-old me was in awe of what was happening on the screen. Horrific, Eldritch polygonal monstrosities ran at the screen, as if they were about to jump out into our living room. Sprawling labyrinths lay open on our flickering Sanyo CRT TV, like a window into another w…

To The "Well, Actually, Wonder Woman Wasn't That Good" Crowd

Oh, fuck off.

Nobody fucking cares.

Let women have things.


Murcielago - My New Fun, Transgressive Trash

At some point in my decade-plus manga-reading career, there's always been some kind of pulpy, gory garbage manga that I can't get enough of. As in, I buy every volume as it comes out, without fail, and never stop talking about it. The first one that stands out to me is Princess Resurrection, a criminally underrated little series about vampires, werewolves, and really pretty blond ladies cutting things apart with chainsaws. Unfortunately, the series petered out with time, and sooner than later, my trashy gore manga plate was empty.

That's when I found Dance in the Vampire Bund. I'll probably write something more in-depth about that series one day, honestly, but I'll keep it brief here. Stumbling onto that first volume of Nozomu Tamaki's boob-and-butt-laden, blood-and-guts-filled, stupid-lore-enriched saga was a life-changing experience for me, to be honest. From 2009 to the very last volume of Scarlet Order, I poured myself into it. Every spin-off that came out…

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is Hella Awful

Anyone who'sbeen herea whileknows this, but just to reiterate - I really love Life Is Strange. 

I've definitely given it some guff in the past year for the way it utilizes "bury your gays" and sort of kind of queerbaits players. However, I still feel like it's something special in this industry. It's authentic. It's heartfelt. It's something that Telltale and David Cage at the top of their game couldn't get close to touching in terms of sincerity and ambition. Cringeworthy dialogue notwithstanding, I feel confident in still claiming it as one of my favorites of the current decade.

Which is why it pains me that Life Is Strange: Before the Storm was allowed to happen. Because for everything the original did right, this limp prequel finds ten things to do wrong. Deck Nine, a developer known for Cool Boarders, Pain, and a port of Ratchet Deadlocked, have managed to suck the joy and stylistic ambition out of the franchise in every nanosecond. The write…