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Why Am I So Negative?

Content Warning: I talk about suicide a tad.

Ayumi Hamasaki is a musician that has, in more ways than one, changed my life. She's inspired me artistically. She's held me up when the world felt like it wanted me down. She's written and sung words that kept me from taking a kitchen knife and slitting my wrists when I was thirteen. No writer, actor, singer, game designer, or anybody has personally affected my life in the same way Hamasaki has. The very person I am today, and in fact the very reason I'm alive, writing this, is due in large part to her and the music she's written and performed.

Which is why one of my most formative memories in high school revolves around her. In April 2010, just before my life started getting really fucked-up, Hamasaki's eleventh album dropped - Rock 'n' Roll Circus. To date, I think it's one of her most polished works - a stellar balance of her signature ballads, high-spirited pop numbers, and some rock influences throw…

My New Podcast Is Live

Well, it's not "mine" - I'm just on it and came up with the ideological embryo.