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Power Rangers Makes A Case For "Political Correctness"

People sure have a lot of things to say about political correctness these days, huh? "Forced diversity." "PC agenda." "Surely I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like vermin." That last one is from the hip, happening YouTube star JonTron!

Point is, there seems to be some contention among two subsets of people, because things apparently can't be more complex than binaristic modes of debates. One "side" argues for more diversity, more inclusivity, more sensitivity. The other "side" argues for, well, the opposite of those things. Point is, putting a black person or a gay person in your movie is now a political statement, apparently, because that's just where we're at.

Following that logic, then, one could maybe see Power Rangers as a political film. And if we were to consider it as one, then it seems to be making a pretty big case for a "PC agenda." Look, I'll be honest - I don…