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Sonic Jam - "Sonic Adventure" (1998)

Note: This was started in mid-July earlier this year, and has been in the making since then. I apologize for the wait. 

A week before the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party in San Diego, I'm sitting at my parent's house on my laptop. I'm both excited about what next Friday will hold and terrified. Is it going to be another disappointment? Is Crush 40 going to actually suck live? Is Aaron Webber just going to make meme jokes for four hours? I don't know. But what I do know is that I'm at least somewhat hopeful. I'm hopeful because this new game is long-hinted to be a step in the right direction. I say this because the game in question may very well be Sonic Adventure 3, if all the teases are to be believed.

That would make it the second sequel to the game I'm about to talk about. And if it is, then it could very well be what Sonic needs in 2016. Because with the brand on the verge of collapse in 1998, Sega pulled off a miracle. They put out what is not only one of …