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Review - "VA-11 Hall-A" (CGM)

Larger-than-life experiences are a staple of many games, and for good reason. Nobody is going to raid a tomb, steal a sports car, or shoot a demon in their daily life. Games let us do all those things, and then some. When a market becomes saturated in spectacle, however, some might crave something with a bit more nuance to it. Something smaller, more intimate, and humanistic. Where you don’t pull off an elaborate headshot or outrun an explosion, but instead sit and chat about life, death, love, and everything in between.

This is what VA-11 Hall-A is about. An experience where players get to simulate the quiet intimacy of genuine human interaction, sans the pretentions of many “art” games. At its core, it is a game about talking, and a game in which the goal is to get people to talk more to Jill, the player-character.

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Sonic Jam - "Sonic 3D Blast" (1996)

Oh, hey, it's been two months since I did one of these. I'm supposed to finish every Sonic game this year, aren't I? That's... unfortunate. I mean, I'm still going to do it, of course, but damn, they get rough, huh?

Speaking of things that are rough, how about that Sonic 3D Blast? Boy, is that ever a bad fucking game. I played it, though. For you guys. Because I love you.

"Resident Evil VII" Welcomes You To The Family (CGM)

While it might not be entirely fair to say that Resident Evil has been universally bad in recent years, the once-revered franchise has definitely seen better days. Recent entries have struggled to balance the series’ signature blend of horror and hi-tech action, and the last mainline installment veered too heavily into shooter territory. As a franchise fan, it’s been disheartening, to say the very least.

So, despite enjoying the direction Capcom was taking with the duo of Revelations titles, it was sort of a joy to see Resident Evil VII‘s reveal be something entirely unexpected. During Sony’s press conference yesterday, the VR “Kitchen” teaser Capcom had previously put out wound up being a drastically different direction for their flagship franchise. And, after spending some time with the demo, “different” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Review - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows"

I'm an apologist for the 2014 reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Yes, the one with... what, 20-ish percent on Rotten Tomatoes? See, as a fan of the series, I really think that it was onto something. Yeah, the first half sucked, the new designs weren't great, the plot was a mess, and practically everything else critics said about it was right on the money. But watching it again the other night, well, it really did some stuff right. The Turtles' personalities, the dialogue, the retooled April O'Neil, the stellar action in the second half... there was potential there. Potential for a better movie to exist.

Out of the Shadows is the realization of that potential. It is that better movie. And hot damn, is it ever a good one.