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Going Legit

So I have some cool news.
For lack of a better phrase, I'm at the outset of going legit in the field of gaming journalism.

I was approached by an online acquaintance about the possibility of doing some freelance reviews for a really cool magazine/website. One thing led to another, and now, I have three gaming reviews and one comic review under my belt, not to mention one game in progress and one review being edited as I type this.

The site is CGM, a Canadian-based publication. Which means I've had to edit my reviews to make sure I'm doing Canadian spelling for everything. You know. "Humor" becomes "humour," so on, so forth. I also have to watch my propensity for making Canadian jokes.

What exactly does this mean? Well, in terms of this blog? Not much. Obviously, I'm not going to cross-post full reviews, because that would steal clicks and be downright unprofessional. If you want to follow my stuff, you can keep tabs on my OpenCritic page (yeah, I have one now! Cool, right?) And if you want to follow my stuff that aren't necessarily gaming reviews (comics, etc.) you can just keep checking CGM's site for new stuff with my name on it. And hey, maybe read some of the other stuff there too! Jed Whitaker (of Destructoid fame) has reviews that are always great, and there are some kickass editorials. The Pixels and Ink podcast also rocks.

Right now, of course, the freelance work I do on CGM will not pay rent. But it's a start. It's a major site with a bunch of nice people and it's a fun challenge to write for, because I have do things other than drop the f-bomb to get my point across. It's a place that isn't my personal blog where people care about my opinions. It's the first time I've ever affected the metascore of a game, which holy shit, is a scary feeling, let me tell you.

But above all? This has shown me that hard work pays off. It makes me feel inspired to keep writing for CGM. To keep pursuing other sites that might want what I have to offer. To keep plugging away at what I love. To keep supporting other critics and following people online that might present me with an opportunity to do something cool.

It's just the beginning, but the fact that my work is deemed worthy of being in a big publication, let alone being put out there and affecting public perception of a given game... well. That's deeply humbling. I won't lie, I cried a little big when I saw my first review up there. I'm getting emotional just typing this. In comparison to having a New York Times best seller, or being a world-famous mega-star, I know it may seem silly. But it's always been my dream to have my opinions on video games to mean something to someone, and dammit, it's finally happening.

And I'm going to keep making it happen. And I'm going to do until I can live off of it, one day, however long it takes. Because that's what I want.


  1. That's fantastic! Congrats on the gig. Freelancing is a great step into the field, full-time.

    You're welcome to continue dropping shit and fuck bombs here. I don't think anyone will mind. Even the Canadians. :D


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