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A Few Words on Sonic Jam (And Some Other Stuff)

A few months back, I announced a new series for The Fried Critic after finishing my two years of Summer of Schwarzenegger posts.

But before I get started in January I figured, hey, why not actually talk about what to expect?

This Isn't A "Sonic's Always Sucked" Series

"Sonic was never that good." "Sonic's always been dumb." "Sonic will suck forever and always, amen."

I've seen a lot of articles in that vein in recent years, and they're kind of dumb. Sure, Sonic's had a rough go of it in the past few years, but we're talking about 3-4 years of a 25 year-old series. That's not ideal, no. Sure, there were some stumbles before that, too. But has the franchise always been bad? Nope, not even close. That's Bubsy you're thinking of. Although that last one was a bloody masterpiece.

But I digress. Sonic, as a series, has had ups and downs. However, I feel that, in general, there's more good than bad in the series, or, for the pessimists out there, more mediocre than outright terrible. I'd even go so far to say that, in general, Sonic's series is a pretty good one. I know, I know, radical opinion to have, there.

Anyway. Those looking for yet another internet outlet to trash-talk the Blue Blur will have to look elsewhere. Well. I mean. You can trash talk him in the comments, I guess. I just won't be joining you. Unless we're talking about Sonic Heroes or that Black Knight heap. Then I'll trash talk all day, because, really, who in their right mind liked those games?

Moving on.

Yes, I'm Really Playing Every Sonic Game... Sort Of

This is no half-measure, folks. I've been planning this for months now and to celebrate Sonic hitting the big 2-5, I'm playing through every Sonic game out there for your reading pleasure. Well. Most of them.

See, there are some games that I really feel don't add anything to the series. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine? The Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing series? Good games, sure, but they're more spin-offs than anything. Sure, there'll be some spin-offs I'll go through. Sonic Shuffle, for instance, because I hate myself. The Game Gear Sonic games, because I really hate myself. But some of the more minor ones are going to be left out, and some will be combined into one post. Like, do I really need to write a separate entry for each Master System Sonic game? I don't think so, and I don't think anybody really fucking cares.

So, yes, with some exceptions, I'm really going to play through every Sonic game this year and write about them, because life is already suffering, so why not add a heaping helping of Sonic Labyrinth on top of it?

No, It Won't Just Be The Games

Sonic's a lot more than a video game star. Let's not forget that he's the star of what is undoubtedly one of the most unlikely comic book success stories of the modern age. Or the lead in six separate animated adaptations. The little dude's been around, and that's part of what's made him such an enduring mascot.

Which is why there'll be write-ups of anything and everything Sonic-related. From attempts to cut into the dense, convoluted lore of the Archie Comics to the strange involvement of Michael Jackson in the franchise, this series will be a non-stop bombardment of the Blue Blur and his impact on popular culture, served up with a nice helping sarcastic cynicism.

And yeah, that means I'll be watching Sonic Underground.

God help us all.

It'll All Wrap Up In December

This isn't a month-long or few month-long sort of thing, guys. I'll be writing about Sonic all year. Because, let's face it, nobody else is, since there's another, more popular franchise celebrating a huge anniversary this year. You know. The one about the kid with the pointy ears and green skirt.

Jokes aside, Sonic is a franchise that means a ton to me, personally, and I doubt many people are going to give it the love it deserves for its 25th anniversary. That's the core reason I'm doing this to myself and dragging you along for the ride, if you so choose.

It all kicks off today, where I'll go back to where it all began: Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis, often considered one of the greatest titles in gaming history. I'll be taking a look at why it's considered such an enduring game, what makes it work, the impact it had on the industry... all that fun, pretentious stuff, Come for the retrospective pieces on classics, stay for the sarcastic vitriol thrown at garbage disposal units like Heroes and Labyrinth, in other words.

Of Course, I'll Still Be Doing Other Stuff

It's going to be a wild year for The Fried Critic.

I'll be doing a lot of other stuff, from more regular updates to a wider diversity of stuff that I review. Not only that, but starting in February, I'll be rolling out gaming-related video content that isn't just me ranting at a camera for five-minute increments. Like, you know. With actual capture cards and a good mic and all that good stuff. More on that in the coming weeks, though...

Thanks for all the support, even in the months where I pretty much just post reviews. Looking at the traffic here, I get visitors from all over. America, Russia, Australia. Even The Philippines. The fact that somebody in the fucking Philippines would give a fuck about anything I have to say about anything is deeply humbling, and means more to me than any monetary gain I'll ever get from this site.

Going into the third full year for The Fried Critic, I'm hyped beyond belief for what I have in store for you. When you see it, I think you will be too.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the deal was with all the pictures in this post? They're all fucking garbage games that you get to watch me suffer through.

Let the good (?) times... roll.


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