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Sonic Jam - "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" (1992)

First of all, I'd like to thank the people reading these posts, because the first three have done pretty damn good so far. So that's cool. I mean, even if they weren't, I'd still keep writing them, but it's nice that there's an audience. That's always a plus.

Anyway. Where were we? Ah, yeah, that one Sonic that everyone loves.

The Fried Critic's Favorite Movies of 2015

2014 was a pretty great year for movies. Some said otherwise, but personally speaking, some of the best movies in years came out two years after the world was supposed to end. And then, three years after our alleged brush with a cataclysmic world-ending event, we struck even more cinematic gold.

Here are some choice cuts of said gold from 2015, in no particular order.

Sonic Jam - Sonic on the Master System

Do I... Do I have to?

Sonic Jam - "Sonic The Hedgehog" (1991)

It's usually best to start at the beginning. Well, sometimes. Sometimes, starting at the end is pretty cool. You seen Memento? They start at the end, then work their way back. That was a pretty cool movie, right? You know they're going to remake that? Weird, man. Hollywood's running out of ideas.
Anyway, here's Sonic The Hedgehog.

A Few Words on Sonic Jam (And Some Other Stuff)

A few months back, I announced a new series for The Fried Critic after finishing my two years of Summer of Schwarzenegger posts.

But before I get started in January I figured, hey, why not actually talk about what to expect?

The Fried Critic's 12 Best Games of 2015

Halfway through the decade, we sit at a really interesting place in terms of where gaming is.

Developers have finally found a comfortable sweet spot between "cinematic" storytelling and gameplay that actually feels substantial, leading to a spate of AAA games that satisfy in both departments. Meanwhile, other developers and publishers that were once thought of as one-trick ponies have put out bold, innovative titles that challenge whole genres, and even create entirely new ones. While 2014 felt like a rote, dull stop-gap of a year for gaming, 2015 reminded me why I fell in love with the medium. I mean, I gave six games a "perfect" score, compared to one last year. And one of those games can't be on this list thanks to being a remake, but still. There was a lot of good shit this year.

Putting aside all of the controversy that the gaming industry has been embroiled in over the last couple of years, there really is no better time to be a fan of these games that h…