Announcing A New Series And More Posts For 2016!

Next year, Sonic The Hedgehog is 25 years old. Well. His franchise is. According to Sega, he's still fifteen years old. Um... sure, guys.

For better, for worse, the little blue guy's stuck around the game industry for two and a half decades at this point. And now, with one blog series under my belt, I figured it's the perfect time to overburden myself entirely and celebrate Sonic's birthday the only way I know how: playing an obscene amount of awful video games!

Enter Sonic Jam.

Yes, in 2016, I'll be playing through pretty much all of the Sonic games and writing a blog entry for each and every one... supplemented by some other Sonic-related stuff as well, of course. I may even try to do some videos. Maybe. That never ends well. Regardless, more details will follow in the coming months.

Don't worry, though, my other posts aren't going anywhere. Reviews, columns, opinion pieces... all of that will still be around, and as you've probably seen throughout this year, my output's only getting bigger with each passing month. As I graduate from college and venture into the real world, I'll probably be putting more time into this blog, as I try to build up some sort of body of work to make myself look hire-able... or as an outlet for creativity if I get stuck in some soul-sucking corporate drone gig.

A moment of silence for me is in order if that happens. 

But anyway. This year is far from over, and in fact, I still have plenty of stuff lined up, including 13-15 reviews before year's end. And yet, I'm already looking forward to 2016. I hope you guys are too, and thanks for sticking with The Fried Critic, even with my sporadic scheduling for Summer of Schwarzenegger, and my occasional lapses into same-ness. Your support means everything to me, and it's why I keep doing this.

And with that, I'll catch you on the flipside... which will probably be this weekend, when my review of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer hits the site. Until then, have a hot jam for your edgy teenage soul.


  1. I'm intrigued at the notion of playing every Sonic game. And I will be praying for your soul - by God there are some really crappy Sonic titles out there. O_O


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