A Special Thanks (And A Shameless Plug For My Steam Group)

Before I get back to reviewing, blogging, and finishing up Summer of Schwarzenegger, I thought I'd do a bit of a shameless plug... and give thanks.

First off, I want to say that, right now, I'm sitting over at just over 14,000 page views. Now, sure, big sites get that kind of traffic in one day. But for my blog that's been around for less than 2 years and isn't even updated daily? Well. That's pretty awesome. Thanks to everyone who reads regularly. Every time I post something, I see an initial burst of the same number of people before more trickle in over time. That means that, however few, there are a dedicated group of people who read the stuff I post. I see you guys, and whoever you are... thanks. Thanks so fucking much. You rock.

Where does the shameless plug fit into this? Well, it isn't so much a "shameless plug" so much as it is "I want to help people who game out a little bit." So, I started The Fried Critic group on Steam, as a way to sort through the shit of Steam and guide people towards some good games. It'd be really amazing if you could check it out and maybe join the group. I even link some of my older reviews, shitty though they may be, to help back up my choices. I started the group because, hey. I want to help out however I can. It's not about making money. It's about saving your money.

I'll update my curator list semi-frequently, and you guys can use the forum to talk about whatever, or make suggestions, or... well, whatever you want to talk about. Hope it can help you guys out during the next big sale. Cheers!


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