The Best Is Yet To Come

So, this is a bit late, it being February and all. I assume any readers of this blog assume that I've moved on. That is, in fact, not the case at all. Well, it was going to be. That's for sure. I was almost confident that my new gaming site would hit, and would be being worked on, and... well, as you can see, that didn't really work out. At all. I felt a lot of pressure to be "professional" and lost sight of what was fun about reviewing shit and writing about it in the first place. And thus? I'm back. And I'm pretty confident that this year will be pretty fucking great. Here's why.

Yes, as of right now, Digital Devils (all five of you who read it) is on permanent hiatus. It's just too much effort for me to keep up right now, and honestly, running a site isn't something I can do efficiently. I'm not cut out for it, not at this point in my life anyway, and I'm not going to sacrifice whatever little clout I have for a sinking ship. Because, being brutally honest, that's what that was. A sinking ship. And now that I've jumped overboard and scrambled my ass back to shore, I'm ready to keep paying attention to this blog, because honestly, this is the most fun I've had writing in years. Why give that up? Thus, here's some stuff I plan on this year...

- More reviews of digital-only games! I can't review this shit on Amazon, because they're sketchy with what PSN/XBLA games they list, and so, I'll be posting it here. Fun, right?

- Summer of Schwarzenegger will be finished this summer! Apparently, a decent bit of people read those, and plus, they were just fun as hell to do anyway, so I'll be finishing up the second half of Arnold's oeuvre, and it just so happens to coincide beautifully with the release of Terminator Genisys. God, I love it when things work out like that!

- More opinion pieces (it's my blog, after all,) and more columns, and just more stuff that I feel like posting. I want to get back to posting stuff that's fun to write, fun to say, fun to express. And so I'm just going to do it. If you don't like it, well, uh, get out, I guess.

- More updates on my Facebook page ( and Twitter (@thefriedcritic,) so go check those out!

Anyway. I'm back, and here I'll be for a long time to come. Thanks for sticking with this blog, if you have. It's appreciated. Much appreciated. Your reading of anything that happens to spew out of my brain means more than you'll ever know. Thanks for the clicks, the reading, the whatever-ing. If anything I post here entertains you in the slightest for at least one part of your day, well, then that makes me happy.

Peace, and I'll see ya around.


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