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Best of 2014 - "Big Hero 6"

So it's really funny. Last year, around this time, on this blog, I was all about Frozen. Actually, I declared it to be the best movie I saw in 2013. And in a way? I still stand by that statement. It was, in all likelihood, the most well-made, emotionally engaging film I watched in that year. And yes, it's still a very, very good movie. But it's also rife with problems and over-exposed to high hell, and honestly, I'm starting to think of other movies from that year more fondly (Pacific Rim and Evil Dead, anyone?) 
And now? Here I am, a year later, and saying the unthinkable. Frozen is a disgrace. Frozen is a disgrace to Disney because we now live in a post-Big Hero 6 world. Because unlike a cosmetic patch on Disney's long-standing problems, Big Hero 6 is an exciting, engaging, exhilarating film with a completely atypical plot that subverts everything we expect from the Big D. It puts every effort after, oh, Tarzan, to shame. And since I saw it after all the other m…

Best of 2014 - "Never Alone"

If you've been following me online for a while, either through this blog or my stuff elsewhere, you know that I have a pattern with games that become my favorites. Typically, stuff that I like (Wet, Mirror's Edge, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and more recently, The Evil Within,) are games with immediately apparent flaws. Yet, because of varying things that make that these games stand out from the pack, I love them more than most.
That's where Never Alone comes in. It has performance problems. The platforming could have used work. All around, it could have stood from more polish. But? But it's not only one of my favorite games of the year. It may be one of my favorite of all time.

Best of 2014 - "She-Hulk"

I think it's safe to say that, despite some setbacks, comics have gotten a lot better for women in the past few years. For the most part, we're out of the Liefeld era of ridiculously proportioned women with skintight clothes and impossible poses. Not to say that things are perfect. No, not by any means. But better? Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
But is there something on the market that's the very embodiment of that positive shift? Well, ladies, gentlemen, everyone else, I would fairly say yes. And that embodiment is Charles Soule's sensational She-Hulk.

Best of 2014 - "Witch Craft Works"

(Best of 2014 is my lazy way of talking about things that I liked this year without having to constrain it all to a series of "Best of X" or "Best of Y" lists.)
Anytime the basic premise of an anime has a stable of attractive ladies and one or two guys, I'm immediately skeptical. Can you blame me? I mean, the glory days of actually good harem anime are long gone, and in their place are a legion of moe garbage shows that don't deserve any of the time or effort that have been put forth into them. Basically, a show with that kind of set-up is an instant mark against in my book.
Imagine my surprise that Witch Craft Works has a huge cast of ladies, one or two dudes, and yet somehow is never a shitty harem show nor any form of moe trash. Actually, it's one of the best anime to come along in a while.

The Fried Critic's Favorite Movies of 2014

Last year was pretty great for movies, not even going to lie. But this year? This year was a godsend. Some of my favorite movies in years were released in 2014. So many that a "Top 5" couldn't even begin to do them justice. So instead? I'm putting together a nice list of flicks that I saw and loved, in no particular order, and hoping you'll check 'em out! Let's do this.