About The Lack of Posts

I got a pretty killer Halloween Hello Kitty, because I'm a sucker for the things.
So, looking at my page views and such, I realize that I actually have a readership now. Which is pretty cool! But I also realize I haven't been posting much, so I'll clear the air and then start posting more. Cool? Cool.

My life has been relatively chaotic lately, to be pretty honest. Being a junior in college kind of sucks in general, what with the scrambling to get credits I need, trying to think about what I want to with my life, stuff like that. It's pretty hectic already, and on top of that, there's been some other turbulence going on.

For starters. my motivation to write has gone in the toilet. Blogging, fiction, reviewing... whatever kind of writing it is, I haven't been able to make myself do it. There's a reason I'm telling you this now, because I think the worst of it has passed. I'm ready to start posting regularly again, as well as working on my fiction and other stuff. Granted, my fiction writing gets less attention paid to it than this, which is fine, because I like doing both. So, take this post as a sign that I'm going to start writing more.

But why have I lacked motivation? The fact of the matter is, aside from being in college and all, is that my living situation has been hell up until the last week. For the sake of privacy and to not be a total dick (the temptation is there, ) I won't get into specifics. But I will say that I've had one of the absolute worst roommate situations I could hope to have, and quite frankly it, it really fucked me up, grade-wise and motivation-wise. I basically turned into a lump who sat around and played video games, then bitched to his girlfriend about it. It was pretty sad.

Dramatic Reenactment.
I won't go into details about why it was so awful, or what exactly they did (again, I really don't want to be a dick or immature or anything like that,) but rest assured, it was fucking terrible. The good news? I finally got the guts to speak my mind and get out of the situation, and am now living by myself. It can be a little lonely sometimes, but it also gives me space to do whatever I want or need to without much interruption. So, I might give a third shot at video-making, or do a podcast, or start a website or... or something. I dunno.

The whole gist of this? I'm back. I'll be posting more reviews, columns, stuff like that. I really appreciate anybody who reads this blog and comes back to it regularly to check for updates. If you're one of those people, you give me motivation to keep going with this. And I appreciate you so, so much. Look forward to more stuff in the coming days! I've been gaming and have some stuff to say about it all...

Some of the stuff I wanna write about... also The Evil Within.


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