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Why Gritty Horror Reboots Fail

I love bad slasher movies. Yes, I know they're artistically bankrupt. I'm well aware that most of them are predictable and implausible. And yeah, a lot of them are unnecessarily gory and bloody. But I just don't care. Something about watching those cheesy special effects and seeing terrible attempts at humor, intentional or no, just strikes a chord with me. Sue me.

Of course, there's what I consider the "Big Three" when it comes to iconic movie killers: Jason, Freddy and Michael. Two are silent, vengeful murder machines, and one is an obnoxious, belligerent asshole... who is also a murder machine. All three of them, though, have anchored franchises that have more entries than most other film series... mainly due to the fact that they're pretty easy to crank out. I mean, you write in some teenagers, throw some darts at their names on a wall, and BAM, the ones that you hit are the ones that die. Not exactly rocket science.

But all three of them have have s…

About The Lack of Posts

So, looking at my page views and such, I realize that I actually have a readership now. Which is pretty cool! But I also realize I haven't been posting much, so I'll clear the air and then start posting more. Cool? Cool.

Review - "Bayonetta 2" (Wii U)

It was somewhere between riding a flaming unicorn through the underworld and surfing on a jet through hoards of angels and demons that something hit me. Throughout my entire playthrough of Platinum's much-anticipated Bayonetta 2, there was not an instance in which I felt the game peaked. Most good modern games have a peak moment, a moment where everything works and the experience is a breathless, exhilarating thrill ride. Everything after that, nothing is quite the same. Yeah, the rest of the game is good and all, but it never reaches the crescendo that one moment managed to hit. It's unreasonable to expect that most games would be good throughout the entire thing, though. After all, barely anything can be entirely good, through-and-through, right?

"The Book of Life" is a Diverse Feast for the Eyes and Heart

I've been waiting for The Book of Life since the trailer first hit theaters earlier this year. And why wouldn't I? Here's an animated movie that doesn't draw from a worn Western fantasy tale, is not whitewashed to high hell, and looked to be alive with some of the most vibrant imagery out there. As much as I loved Frozen, Tangled and other contemporary animated flicks, I feel that all too often, they're incredibly standard, have fairly generic messages, and... well, are predominantly filled with white people.

So when I saw the trailer for The Book of Life, I felt like I was in for something far different. Maybe it would be bog-standard, story-wise, but at least it would have some cool animation, a killer art style, and a diverse cast. What I didn't expect, though, was a movie that would come out of left field and shock me with how absolutely different it is from other kids movies. This is a movie every child should see, I think. And every adult. And every huma…