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Fried Take - "Hyrule Warriors" (2014)

Nintendo, as of late, has been taking some interesting risks as a company. A shooter featuring an adorable cast of squid-human hybrids? Sure! An entire game focused on Captain Toad? Why not! But to me, the most unusual announcement recently was Hyrule Warriors, which is exactly what it sounds like. That is to say, a Zelda game that plays exactly like a Warriors title, albeit with a few tweaks. Would this be a simple reskin, a la the Dynasty Warriors Gundam titles, or would it bring the best of both series together in a deliciously orgasmic package? The series have very little in common, and putting them into one game sounded like the most incongruous mixture possible.

Fried Take - "Mass Effect" (2007)

Largely, I've been an asshole about the Mass Effect games. This is mainly because I tried to play the first one two or three times as a teen, both times quitting a few hours in. It felt like nothing special, nothing that I hadn't seen before in a game. And after all, if I wanted to play an RPG, I'd just go to play one of my superior Japanese games because I was a little shitlord when it came to video games, and a bit of a weeb. I mean, I still am, but... less of both, I guess. I don't know. Moving on.

Point is, I happened across the Mass Effect trilogy set sometime last year and decided to bite, because hey, maybe I'd finally play 'em and like 'em. But it sat on my shelf for, well, a year, until last week when I decided that Destiny was overhyped hokum and decided to focus on a different kind of outer space tale. You know. An actual good one, albeit one without the warm dulcet tones of Peter Dinklage's voice. Last week, I started with the first one. No…

Fried Take - "Destiny" (2014)

I have not seen everything Destiny has to offer. I know this, for a fact. And in fact, I may go one step further and say that I will, in all likelihood, never see everything this game has to offer. Of course, part of this has to do with the absolute chore it is to get this game to get connected, stay connected, and not throw about a dozen different cryptic error messages at me. But I'll save that complaint for later. Because if Bungie's overhyped exercise in the power of marketing was worth putting up with the horrible connection issues and egregious crashes was truly a great, original game, it would be worth it. But it's not.