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Summer of Schwarzenegger - "Conan the Destroyer" (1984)

Last time, I left off my Conan The Barbarian post with a remark about how the first one is the only good one, and left a sly hint that the sequel is the cinematic equivalent to Conan's relationship with camels. But like that last post, in which I realized that the original actually isn't that great, my feeling about this movie has changed. Because, believe it or not, I actually like it way better than the original. No, it's not a better movie. It's still a cheesy slice of cheesy cheese. But the good kind.

Summer of Schwarzenegger - "Conan the Barbarian" (1982)

Oh, look, it's the movie that still defines Arnold's career today and was his breakthrough into Hollywood stardom. Also, it's a pretty okay movie by today's standards, and we're going to talk about that. Because that's kind of the point of these things, right? Yep.

The DashCon Debacle

I really like Tumblr. Yeah, I realize that may be an unpopular opinion on some parts of the internet, but I don't care. I've been a member of the site for around three or four years now, and it's been the only online community in which I've been a consistent member of. Something about the balance of social justice concerns, nerdy interests, and funny junk strikes a chord with me, and while I'd never dream of doing any "serious" blogging on it (hence this blog,) it's a pretty great place. But, like any online community, there are shitty, obnoxious parts. There are the "anti-SJW" blogs, the "feminists" who don't actually practice any semblance of feminism, and a few specific fandoms that happen to be very loud, very annoying, and consist primarily of teenagers who "aren't like other teenagers."

Now, this last group happens to be very important, because they remind me of a post that went around Tumblr for a while. I…

Retro Review - "Dragon Ball Z"

Why the hell am I reviewing Dragon Ball Z? We already know the deal with it, right? Big guys screaming at each other, shooting stuff out of their hands, blowing up planets? It's a shtick we all know by now, and one that's been attempted over and over again, but never done quite to the original golden-haired standard. The thing is, I've just finished the show in its entirety for the first time. Since 2008, I've been watching it in chronological order, and not the random mix-and-match order I viewed it in as a little kid. So, throughout high school and into college, I've watched Goku and company grow alongside me. It's been an interesting journey, and sometimes, it's helped me through some pretty rough shit in my life.

Through ups and downs, a few failed relationships, more than a few broken friendships, and shifts in direction in my life, all 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z have been a constant companion. Now that it's over, with my third year as an Engli…

Impressions - "Zankyou no Terror"

Is Shinichiro Watanabe the next Hideaki Anno? I don't say this lightly. Anno, in an industry that was becoming increasingly full of inanity, followed up a string of fantastic shows (Gunbuster and Nadia) with a true, bonafied masterpiece in Evangelion. Almost singlehandedly, after toiling away in the industry for years, he kickstarted a revolution, inspiring legions of imitators and making anime good again. Plenty of great shows followed in its wake, but it was arguably because of his magnum opus that they were able to exist at all.

Looking forward to now, we see an industry full of crap. Some of it is harmless, some of it caustic, most of it is moronic and annoying. Studios with promise have started to plumb the depths, fantastic showsget shovedunder the bus in favor of flavor-of-the-weekotaku-pandering and fujoshi-bait, and by and large, I've felt like the industry has become largely awful with a few great exceptions every year. But there's been a glimmer of hope brought…

Impressions - "Sailor Moon Crystal"

Sailor Moon doesn't need an introduction. So I'm not writing one.