So, What's The Deal With Summer of Schwarzenegger?

So there's a thing I'm doing this summer, and I announced it for the first time back in January. With those three months of heat and humidity almost here, and me being far too lame to attend E3, Comic-Con, or Anime Expo, it's high time that I explain just what the hell Summer of Schwarzenegger even is. Also, how it's going to go down, why I'm doing it, and... other things.

So What Is This Anyway?

Basically, I'm going to try and watch pretty much the entirety of the former Governator's oeuvre this summer, writing a blog post for every single one. I'll be doing it in the order they came out, starting with Hercules in New York, then ending with my impressions of The Expendables 3, which will bring an end to the trilogy of unbridled, hilarious, stupid machismo festivals. This doesn't include cameos or minor supporting roles, though, so no Around the World in 80 Days or Dave, because that's a lot of wading through a whole other movie a minute or two of Ah-Nuld.

Why Are You Going Through This, Thought?

Basically? It's to celebrate Schwarzenegger's return to film, and because without something to do other than game and catch up on anime of the summer, I get really bored. Sue me.

What What Are The Posts Going to Be Like?

These aren't going to be my traditional reviews, because if I were to review these movies seriously, most of them would get a failing grade. So instead, I'm going to focus on more free-style writing, talk about how natural or outlandishly stupid Arnold's role is, and talk more about the overall enjoyment factor versus quality. Let's face it, Collateral Damage is a fucking bad movie by many standards, but it's a damn fun one to watch.

So, Is This All You'll Be Doing, Or...?

No, not by a long shot. I'll be doing so much more stuff than just talking about Arnold flicks, just to keep things interested. Sure, the feed will be blown up with testosterone-laden goodness, but I'll keep doing reviews, editorials, and other things to keep all audiences satiated. Because I'm actually starting to have an audience now. Crazy, right?

When Does This All Start? 

This will start June 1st, and go to August 15th, at which point I'll be going to see The Expendables 3, then write about it, hopefully. And with how fantastic the second one was, I have high hopes. Anyway, I hope this explains what the hell I'll be doing with this blog over the summer, and I hope you guys enjoy!


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