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Avril and Katy in the Great Race Caper

You know what's fun? Fetishizing other cultures and appropriating them as you see fit. I mean, hey, if you like one part of a culture, but just that part, why not take it and make it look indicative of the entire culture that you lifted it from? Other than the fact that you're putting a superficial and toxic label on an entire country, and you're offending legions upon legions of people with your blatant misunderstanding and misrepresentation of their culture, it's a completely fun thing to do! And if people get offended, well, they just need to calm themselves down, because it's all in good fun, and if you meant to use something humorously, then by all means, that makes it okay. Even if you're showing a symbol of a sacred deity getting smitten to ashes. Because, hey, you're white, and everything is yours for the taking.

The above paragraph seems to sum up the mentalities of Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, the latter of which took down her patently offensive…

I Am A Total Loser (or Am I?)

I'm a complete and total loser. I mean, I must be, right?

Nobody can make friends and be interested in things like video games, or anime, or heaven forbid, a show about cartoon ponies geared towards little girls. Right? See, that's the train of thought that I had been boarding for years, thinking that one day I had to grow out of this stuff, and become "cool." Become an "adult." Leave these "childish things" behind and become a real, "upstanding" member of society. Whatever that meant. It had to happen one day, right? Because if it didn't, I would be a virginal loser for the rest of my life, right? And we all know that it's just the worst if a guy can't find some random girl, objectify her, then put his dick into her so he can either feel good about himself, or brag to his buddies later, or maybe some combination of the two! What a bright fucking future.

The Fried Critic Survival Horror Handbook - Part Three: Cult Classics

(In the last two installments of Survival Horror Handbook, I looked at big-ticket titles and franchises. These were the titles that defined survival horror, not to mention ones that helped bring it to the masses. From here on out, I'm going to take a look at games you might have overlooked, for better or for worse.)

Too many games come out on a yearly basis for you to keep track of all of them. It's a sad fact, but even the biggest game critics out there, like Jim Sterling or Jeff Gerstmann, don't get time to play everything that gets released. For survival horror fans, this means several great games get overlooked, and by consequence, are buried underneath mountains of bigger, better publicized games. After all, when your game already appeals to a strictly niche audience, and doesn't have any real promotion behind it, who's going to play it?

Still, some of these games manage to gather significant cult followings, at least by survival horror standards. Here are a …

How I Learned To Stop Hating and Love "Attack on Titan"

On this day, a critic received a grim reminder. He lived in fear of opinions, and would sometimes be disgraced to proclaim that he was completely wrong about something. I'm talking, of course, about Attack on Titan, a show that I've taken numerous jabs at over the the past year. Yet here I am, thoroughly enthralled and addicted to the series, and ready to drop money on merchandise, which rarely happens. The last figure I bought was Mylene Jenius from Macross 7, and that was after watching the show for over half a year.

So what changed? Why is Attack on Titan suddenly one of my new favorite shows, even rivaling lifelong obsessions like Serial Experiments Lain and (dare I say it) Evangelion? I'm not totally sure, but here are some contributing reasons for why I'm starting to believe the hype.