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Retro Review - "Transylvania 6-5000"

When the title credits of the 1985 Transylvania 6-5000 start splashing onto the screen, you know you're in for something special. Aside from an infectious theme song, we see a talented cast that includes Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., Geena Davis and Michael "Kramer" Richards, and we've already got a promising concept set up in the opening moments. You can tell that this is a movie you won't soon forget. And by the time you're at the ending credits, that theory will most definitely be affirmed.

But dear lord, you'll wish it wasn't, because this movie is why babies cry at night.

Review: "Sadako 3D 2"

The Ring franchise is easily one of my favorites out there, and its terrifying antagonist Sadako is a movie monster that I just can't help but love. Even being a fan of the series and its lore, though, couldn't make me forgive some egregious mistakes made my 2012's Sadako 3D. It was a clunky, gimmicky and all-around uninspired mess of a movie that broke canon and turned into pure schlock halfway through, despite a strong concept and some solid acting. So it would make sense, then, that I didn't have much hope for the sequel, which changed up the screenwriters but kept the same continuity and director, and seemed to focus more on grandiose scares than the low-key chills of older entries.

Being a huge fan, though, I felt obligated to at least give this one a try. Maybe it could wash the bad taste of forced 3D gimmicks and moronic sub-plots out. Or perhaps it would further ruin this once-great franchise, and be a moronic waste of my time. Read on to find out my thoughts …

Uncharted: Hennig's Departure

This has been a great time for the industry, hasn't it? Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is having complaints of its length being thrown every which way (some justified, others not one bit,) Irrational Games shut down and left dozens jobless thanks to Ken Levine's random change of heart, and now, Amy Hennig is leaving Naughty Dog, amid reports that she was, in fact, forced out. Wonderful. Hennig was the creative director of the first three Uncharted games, and the writer for both Drake's Fortune and Drake's Deception.

Of course, as with any major shake-up in the VIDYA industry, there are opinions splintered every which way about this, from doom n' gloom forecasts for all future Naughty Dog projects, to joyful cheers because Hennig wrote one thing people didn't like, which obviously means she deserves to be out of a job. So because I love playing the shit-stirrer, here's another opinion.

Backlogged - "Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land" (GBA)

I've always been a passive fan of the Kirby franchise. Sure, I've played most of the games in the franchise, and in fact, even have gone out of the way to play some of the one-off entries (Kirby's Avalanche, Kirby's Tilt N' Tumble, you get the idea.) Hell, one of my bigger purchases at Nintendo World in New York was a plush samurai Kirby. Yet I never adamantly declare myself to be a lover of the series, as it tends to slip my mind when holding to other personal Ninty favorites, like Donkey Kong or Zelda. Sure, I like the series, but I don't love it.

That stance doesn't apply to Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, as this blast from the past may be a bit on the short side, but is nevertheless one of my new favorite portable games, not to mention platformers in general. Read on to find out why.