Some Stuff To Look Forward To... I Guess

The title pretty much says it all. Hit the jump to find out more.

So, this will be my first full year with my BlogSpot page, so to keep people on their toes, I have a few things lined up in order to keep things fresh around here. My old account, which is now defunct, suffered from me not knowing what I was really supposed to do with a blog, but I have a much better idea now. Thus, here's some stuff I have in the pipeline, to supplement the usual reviews and ramblings you usually get.

Anime Season Impressions

I've already done the first two of these, but I'm going to do a good bit more for this Winter's anime... and Spring's, and Summer's, and Fall's, and... well, you get the point. In line with what Anime News Network does for each new anime season, my anime-focused followers will get my unfiltered take on what I think of any given season's current shows, whether they like it or not. What I mean by that last bit is that, if I rip into the next season of Attack on Titan for being as poorly-paced and half-baked as the previous season, don't bitch at me, because it's just my opinion. You have yours, I'll have mine. Get it? Got it? Good.

Retro Reviews 

This will be a series rolled out... oh, sometime this month or so? The plan is to take a look back at older games, movies and anime series, then analyze then and give my opinions. These will be less formal than my usual reviews, because I really just wanna have fun with this stuff. My criteria for retro movies is anything before 2000; for games, it's anything from the PS2/GC/XB era and back; and for anime, before the mid-2000's North American anime crash. There will be no real pattern to these, unless you send in specific requests (which I will gladly accept, even if our opinions ultimately don't line up.)


A more sporadic series, I plan to take a look back at shows or games that I purchased, or downloaded, but never really got around to engaging with. Pretty straight-forward stuff, really, and I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to put a creative spin on the series. Still, it's something I'll roll out sometime within the next few months. Speaking of something that'll debut later in the year...

The Summer of Schwarzenegger

This is something I'm really, really excited about. In the vein of That Guy With The Glasses' Disneycember, or CineMassacre's Monster Madness, I wanted to celebrate the former Governator's return to film with an entire Summer devoted to watching each and every, erm, masterpiece he's ever starred in. And I do mean everything. Yes, even Junior, Hercules in New York, and the best example of a cinematic abortion known to man, Batman & Robin. It'll be a fun exercise in celebrating and mocking one of the most iconic narcissists to ever grace the silver screen.

And A Fuck-Ton More

Let's be honest, this is not all I'm going to do with this blog in 2014. There's going to be plenty more stuff, aside from the usual reviews, lists, articles and editorials. So, brave and intrepid readers, look forward to more from your pal, The Atlanta Fried Critic, as he stumbles headlong into this year!


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