Welcome To Your Doom

Given that I've already made an Altered Beast joke in this post, I think you already know whether or not you're going to like this blog.

I'm The Atlanta Fried Critic, a college student who is way too enthusiastic about video games, anime, movies, and all manners of thing geek. Yep, there are a million other people like me on the internet, and there are a million more who admit that there are a million of us. Aside from that, I'm the author of "Twisted Complex: A Love Story", a novel which has as much critical acclaim as it does critical scorn, which is to say zilch.

So, what's this blog even going to be about? Well, given that I'm a critic, and hope to turn that into a profession, you'll be seeing a lot of reviews on things. But that's not all. Expect lists, opinion pieces, and other various odds and ends while braving the contents of this blog. I tried the Tumblr format for this for a while, but people just can't be bothered to read shit on there most of the time.

You'll learn, you'll laugh, you'll cry, but above all, you'll be entertained. Enjoy your stay.


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