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Review - Octopath Traveler

I was pretty down on Octopath Traveler when it was announced. It looked pretentious as all get-out - a blatant cashgrab at people's nostalgia and at people who get misty-eyed at the same boring JRPG tropes we've seen played out five billion times at this point. The initial demo didn't really do it any favors, either. From a narrative standpoint, it seemed like trope-ridden and borderline sexist garbage. Stylistically, its 2.5 look was rough in the early stages that got shone off. Mechanically, it... certainly seemed like a turn-based RPG. Mentally, I wrote it off as another lame attempt from Square Enix to hearken back to the SNES era, all of which have been pretty bogus from where I stand.

Turns out, I was wrong. Really, really wrong. Well, alright, maybe not that wrong - it still is a pretty trope-y and occasionally sexist affair. Yet despite those complaints, I've enjoyed my time with Octopath Traveler a whole lot. More than I have with a JRPG in quite a while, ac…

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