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Fried Take - "Just Cause 3" (2015)

Kinda weird that Square Enix threw so much cash behind Just Cause 3, honestly. It's always been kind of a cult franchise to me, or at most a B franchise with an incredibly loyal following. Which isn't a knock, because I'm part of the following. Rico Rodriguez's first go-round with his magic parachute was one of the first games on the Xbox 360 that I truly loved. Janky as it was, there was so much freedom in that game. The map in that thing is fucking huge, and the emphasis on stupid stunts was pretty great. Ditto for the second game, which took everything that worked from that initial outing and made it ten times better. Better gunplay, better mission structure, better diversions... just better, all around. And while Just Cause 2 was definitely known enough to put the series on the map, it's still pretty wild that Avalanche got the money they did to throw around for Just Cause 3.

It's also wild thatall the cash put into it didn't result in another radical …

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