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Fried Take - "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands" (2017)

These screenshots are all mine, taken with Ansel and Steam's native screencap feature. If you like them, feel free to lift them and use them if you ever write about this game. God knows I do that all the time...

A while back, Joystiq started something pretty cool. Called "Four in February," it's a challenge to gaming enthusiasts to play four games to completion in February. To some, it might sound silly, but to me, it's fun. It's fun because my backlog is a horrifying monster that might gain sentience with how neglected it is. Recently, I've tried to cut down on my spending towards video games - reducing the amount of games I buy to roughly five games or less a month. I did this because I realized I owned hundreds of games that I hadn't even touched, some of which I never actually planned to touch. So, aside from just getting rid of dozens upon dozens of games, I brought out a bunch of old stuff I'd been meaning to play. Not only that, …

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