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Review - "We Happy Few" (2018)

It's disappointing when a game that you've been looking forward to doesn't live up to the expectations you've set for it. That's happened to me a lot in my time, to be sure. The list of games I expected more from that ultimately underdelivered is longer than I can recount here.

Over time, though, I've tried to learn and curb hype, because I think that it can be really caustic and set people up to be disappointed. I think we, as a populace, need to go into things with more moderate expectations - regardless of how excited we might get from a trailer, a demo, or what have you, or from how much we love a franchise prior to a new release. It's why, as much as I'd live or die for Lara Croft, I'm trying to be cautious of Shadow of the Tomb Raider's weird attempt to appeal to every possible demographic, or as much as I think Insomniac fucking rocks, I'm trying to have more realistic expectations for Spider-Man than "omg best superhero game ev…

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