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Fried Take - "Halo 5: Guardians" (2015)

It took me going through two Xbox Ones before I finally played Halo 5.  When I got my Xbox One X this past week, I didn't even buy the thing - I just downloaded all 100 gigs (!) of it from the Xbox Game Pass service. Because that's what Halo is kinda worth to me now. A download on a whim from a monthly subscription service, not something worth shelling out actual money for.

Thing is, it wasn't always this way. Halo 3 was the reason I got an Xbox 360 (well, along with Dead Rising,) and I vividly remember the day I picked up my Master Chief Edition and blasted through a lot of the campaign with a friend. I remember long nights of local split-screen matches, binges of playing the campaigns in the older games, the crazy anticipation for and subsequent gratification from Reach, getting excited for Halo Legends of all things. Halo is a series I held near and dear to me for the longest time, basically. So what happened?

Halo 4 happened.

Because this isn't a post about Halo 4

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