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Review - "Spider-Man" (2018)

I've been pretty dubious of Spider-Man since its initial reveal, not gonna lie.

From the outset, it seemed like an attempt to recapture the "glory" of Spider-Man 2, a nostalgic favorite among many that I happen to think is kinda of awful. On top of that, every bit of gameplay they showed off came across as a bunch of on-rails segment punctuated by bad jokes and questionable takes on classic characters. Yet I remained optimistic for two reasons: Insomniac and Spider-Man in general. Insomniac's a stellar developer, with only a few true duds to their name, and I really wanted them to have another open-world game after how great Sunset Overdrive turned out. And Spider-Man? Jeez. He and I go way back. First action figure I ever owned, first comic I read, first VHS tape I bought, one of the first games I ever beat, first movie I saw together with my current partner... Spidey's been an omnipresent part of my life since forever. Despite my apprehensions, then, I held on…

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