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Fried Take - "Dead Island" (2011)

Remember that first Dead Island trailer?

There was a quiet beauty to it. Played in reverse, it depicted a little girl becoming infected with a virus, attacking her parents, then getting chucked out a window to her death. Which doesn't actually do anything, as the father watches helplessly while his wife gets eaten by a horde of zombies, and he's already been bitten meaning he's about to turn, himself. The whole thing is a stellar bit of filmmaking, in my opinion, as it tells an entire story in a little over three minutes and manages to actually invest you in that story's players in that time. Most seasoned veterans of the industry can't accomplish that in three hours, which is how you get most of the MCU films. I digress - the Dead Island announcement trailer is good, and set expectations pretty high for Techland's new IP, especially when the trailer won actual film awards. Remember, too, that this was when zombies weren't totally beat yet, and "zombie…

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